This is a really nice 1956 Triumph TR3 finished in bright Red with a black interior and chrome wire wheels. The car was built in May 1956 as a LHD export model and was destined for the USA. In never made it to the US and later that year found itself in Rhodesia, Africa where it stayed till 2012. The car has a heritage certificate to confirm its past life and that comes with the car. It was converted to RHD very early in its life and has remained in excellent rust and damage free condition due to the climate it lived in. It was then recommisioned by a London classic car dealer as a car for himself and he set out to recommission the car with a lot of time and money invested. The current owner purchased the TR3 in July 2015 and has enjoyed the car whilst improving it even more during his ownership.

RECENT HISTORY from the owner: The car is a 1956 Triumph TR3 ‘small mouth’ which has been owned by myself since July 2015. I purchased the TR from a reputable London classic car specialist . The Owner / Director of this car company had personally purchased and recommissioned the car after it had been stored in the UK since 2012. Upon leaving the factory in 1956 the car was originally destined for the USA as a left hand drive car. (Heritage Certificate supplied) but it appears that in December of 1956 it had reached Rhodesia where it stayed before being returned to the UK in 2012 by its then English expat. owner. Little is known of its history in what was to become Zimbabwe (I have some photocopies of Rhodesian Car Tax registration). The car was converted to right hand drive very early in its life and from its rust free and damage free state it must have led a somewhat charmed life. The car appears to be of a very original specification but has been restored at some point. The TR has Chrome Wire wheels, original seats with spring supports, tonneau (centre zip, recently replaced) and vinyl type soft top. The London dealer purchased the TR from the owner’s daughter in 2014, at which point it was taken out of storage, UK registered and recommissioned by him. Cosmetically the TR wanted for nothing. The dealer provided a Heritage Certificate and the car had been given a comprehensive overhaul which included brake and clutch reline, new tyres, shock absorbers, and steering substantially re-bushed and serviced.  The recommissioning invoices provided show over £2000. I have invoices from Goss Hall for over £7000 for parts and labour covering work carried out on the TR in 2016 including – sourcing correct carbs and fresh linkages rebuilt steering box, replacement and fitment of a fresh clutch and pressure plate, brakes, a full rewire, radiator rebuilt, new mechanical fuel pump, pedal box etc. Copies of invoices available. Additional : As the car had spent most of its life in the tropics, it came without side screens, as these were misplaced at some time. Side screens have now been replaced, after considerable searches, with a rare unused pair. These have not been fitted, but I have the parts and kit from Rimmer Brothers available to fit. Interior is good.